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You can track big game like mammoths
You can track big game like mammoths and saber teeth across the globe and then take them to the ground. Fishing enthusiasts could catch special species of species of fish only found in the frigid RS gold northern waters. the clothing (made from mammoth fur) could degrade making crafters very important and keep goods moving. Lightening a fire and being next to it can set the clock for frostbite. There are special artic trees scattered all across the continent. Penguin patrols will be a constant threat. Special ores could also be found.

It is likely to be a normal kingdom. If we are cheap OSRS gold lucky, however, we might get some feudal Japan system. Minigame based quests. Prior to when NR came out I was convinced that this would never occur. So I kept a lot of ideas to come up with it in my mind, thinking them absurd.

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